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António Roldão

Head of Lab

Health & Pharma Division
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Explore Innovation

iBET research in vaccine production has evolved alongside with the needs of the industry. The production of isolated protein-based antigens in the early 90’s matured into the production of more complex antigens such as fully-assembled viral particles

We have expertise in subunit vaccines, including virus-like particles (VLPs) and recombinant proteins, vectored vaccines and live attenuated and inactivated vaccines. The exploitation of VLPs as platforms for chimeric antigen presentation is also being conducted at iBET

Upstream Processing (USP)

USP focus is the design of customized bioprocesses for specific targets, challenges and product requirements.

We have at our disposal an array of cell lines (mammalian and insect cells), expression systems (transient and stable), culture systems (dynamic and static; suspension and adherent), bioreactor types (e.g. stirred-tank, Wave bioreactors) and operation modes (perfusion and continuous) that together with process scale-up (up to 80 L scale) can support vaccine development programs from preclinical to Phase I/II clinical trials, this performed at iBET’s spin-off GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals.

Downstream Processing (DSP)

At DSP we work on the development of cutting-edge GMP-compatible processes for purification of virus-based biopharmaceuticals.

Our know-how fosters the design and improvement of disposable membrane cartridges and new chromatographic matrices in collaboration with several industrial partners (e.g. Merck Millipore, Sartorius, Pall Lifescience and GE).

Monitoring and Control Tools

We develop mathematical models (deterministic, stochastic and hybrid) for detailed bioprocess characterization and integrated systems (e.g. 2D-fluorometry) for on-line bioprocess monitoring and control.

Transcriptomics and metabolomics (HPLC, 13C/1H-NMR and GC-MS) allied to fluxomics (Classical Metabolic Flux Analysis, 13C-based Metabolic Flux Analysis and Metabolic Pathway Analysis) are applied to guide rational feeding strategies towards improved productivities.

Product Characterization and Purity Assessment

We develop analytical assays to characterize cells, host-virus interactions and product quality. Product and process related impurities (e.g. chemical, host-cell derived, endotoxins, mycoplasma, etc) are detected employing chromatographic, electrophoretic and biochemical tools, and by mass spectrometry.

In-depth characterization of viral particles is available (e.g. size, zeta potential, population distribution, aggregation state). We also develop and validate cell-based potency assays, this performed at iBET’s Analytical Services Unit (GMP certified).

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